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ISE FOODS, INC. is the leading company in the field of chicken eggs. At ISE FOODS, we provide customers with safe, secure, fresh eggs through thorough sanitary supervision and eco-friendly circular agriculture.
ISE Egg Research Center belongs to the ISE Group and strives to develop functional eggs and egg-based processed foods that contribute to improving the QoL (Quality of Life) and health of our customers by further pursuing flavor and nutritionally well-balanced eggs.

Overview of Research and Development

“As a leading company with more than 100 years of experience in egg production,
in addition to egg flavor and safety, we want to pursue functionality.”
ISE Egg Research Center began from this desire.


Our staffs of mainly nutritionists and registered dieticians are in charge of developing new egg-based foods, developing food with functional claims and developing new eggs with added nutritional functions. Our vision is to provide delicious, safe and secure eggs and egg-based processed food products that promote health for all generations from children and adults through to the elderly beyond 100 years of age. We are looking forward to your heart-felt support.

Initiatives in
safety and

ISE FOOD, INC. is the leading company (top domestic share) in the field of eggs with approximately 11% of the share of packaged raw eggs sold domestically. In the ISE FOOD Group (including group farms), we handle all processes systematically in-house from raising breeders and parent stock through to collecting, packaging and shipping the eggs. This series of tasks is typically handled through several contractors, but by conducting all of them in-house, we are able to provide our customers with truly safe, high-quality eggs every day. We provide safe, secure, fresh eggs by conducting thorough sanitary supervision and eco-friendly circular agriculture. At the research center, we also conduct basic research and R&D with safety and security as our number one issue.


Research and development at the ISE Egg Research Center is characterized by our aim not simply to provide goods but to provide valuable egg-based processed foods and valuable eggs useful in promoting the health of our consumers. In addition, we value cooperation with other companies and university researchers. In our Basic Research Division and R&D Division as well, we believe that developing new food products with the help of outstanding external technologies and abilities can provide us with a great advantage. We will continue to pioneer new areas in cooperation with companies and universities with an interest in chicken eggs.

Research and development fields

As the name “Egg Research Center” implies, We conduct research with a focus on eggs. In addition, we conduct publicity activities through public seminars and engage in development together with external researchers from universities, etc.


Development of processed foods

At ISE FOODS, we sell a large number of processed foods in addition to packaged eggs. We research and develop processed foods in the pursuit of high nutritional value and usefulness in health promotion using safe-and-secure delicious brand name eggs, such as Mori-Tama and Ise-Tama.


Development of nutritional functionality for eggs

Eggs contain all the nutrients necessary for the chick to hatch. However, when viewed as a food product for humans, it lacks vitamin C and contains insufficient levels of n-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA), as examples. At ISE FOOD, we have developed eggs rich in EPA and DHA (n-3 fatty acids), while at the same time maximizing the eggs’ natural superior nutritional content. In addition, we conduct research and development to create delicious eggs with high added value, including vitamin E, vitamin D, lutein, etc. that are useful in promoting health.


Research and development of extended shelf life liquid eggs

Eggs typically harden when the temperature exceeds 75℃. Therefore, it is impossible to sterilize liquid eggs that are meant to be sold at temperatures exceeding 100℃. However, we have developed liquid eggs capable of long-term storage that do not harden even when sterilized at 125℃. (Patented) These liquid eggs, which are capable of long-term storage due to their ability to undergo sterilization, were developed by three parties: Professor Hatta (Kyoto Women’s University), ISE FOOD and Amano Enzyme, Inc.


Social activities

We hold public seminars that are sponsored by the ISE Egg Research Center. We invite researchers from various fields and other experts as lecturers to give uncomplicated, easy-to-understand lectures.


Cooperation with universities

We conduct basic research and R&D jointly with external experts. Research requires a large amount of funding, long periods of time and a process of trial and error. We continue our step-by-step, untiring efforts toward developing delicious eggs and eggs useful in promoting health.

Organizational overview

Hiroyuki Shimazaki Hiroyuki Shimazaki
Research Center Director Hiroyuki
Shimasaki, D.Sc.
Director of the ISE Egg Research Center is Dr. Hiroyuki Shimasaki, who is an honorary member of the Japan Oil Chemist’s Society (former chairman and chief director) and who served as a professor at the University of Human Arts and Sciences (Department of Health and Nutrition). His main academic society awards include the Japan Society for Lipid Nutrition (Lands Nutritional Merit Award) and the Japan Oil Chemist’s Society (Thesis Award). His numerous publications include “Health Sciences from the Age of 40” (Heibonsha Shinsho, Tokyo 2012)

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